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skittenwitch's Journal

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a witch who is tired of seeking spiritual community that isn't working for me, I've decided to branch out & attempt to find my inner community, namely myself... to explore concepts I've been learning about & to stop allowing others to dissapoint me because really the *key* is what I understand and learn This is not a popularity club... I am an eclectic, drawing from many sources & trying to create my own path that noone seems particularly interersted in joining me upon... I'm lonely but strong, curious but willing to do the work, interested in *doing* rather than just reading about it... intelligent but not overly acadamic....
I will post my thoughts/ideas & my readings/spiritual practice a) to motivate myself b) to allow/invite friends *in* that are also interested in these ideas & who wish to discuss/ expound upon, make suggestions. If anyone joins me? that's dandy... but I'm just not interested in relying on anyone else anymore....